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With Climate Change, the whole of humanity faces an extremely serious danger, which even threatens its very existence.

Many scientists and experts from all latitudes have written and lectured on the subject, and it has been the focus of important global events held to study it. In other words, this problem and the way to deal with it successfully is well known.

However, little progress has been made in this regard. The decisions taken at numerous international forums and congresses have been very lukewarm, and many of them have not been implemented by the nations committed to doing so.

As the environmental youth leader Greta Thunberg put it so well when, at the end of the much-vaunted meeting convened last year by the United Nations to address the issue of Climate Change in Glasgow, Scotland, she concluded that it had been only "words, words, words".

We are aware that, given the extreme seriousness of what is coming, where, in addition to changes in the climate, a repetition of the same or worse pandemics such as COVID 19 is extremely probable, we human beings cannot continue with this unconscious attitude of proposing "hot cloths" for such serious problems.

Unfortunately, the conflict in Ukraine has been exploited by those driven by powerful political and economic interests to slow down effective action against climate change.

This is how we have seen recent decisions taken, unthinkable until a few months ago, such as that of the European Union, which suddenly began to consider gas as a "less polluting" fuel, contradicting all its previous discourse, or that of increasing the exploitation of coal mines, or, the most serious of all, that of significantly increasing the production of the arms industry, the most polluting industry on the planet, as a consequence of the materials it uses.

It has tried to destroy in a few months, all the little that had been effectively advanced in the fight to save life on our planet.

That is why our Promoter Committee is determined to establish an Association that collaborates with those who seek to reverse this situation, helping to design a road map that proposes prompt and effective actions that go beyond words.