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As the reader will be able to appreciate, the proposed objectives for our future Association are as laborious as they are necessary, which is why we require the support of as many people as possible for their successful realization.

There are four ways in which this support can be provided:

1 - Integrating as an active member of our Association.

2 - Offering yourself as a volunteer to collaborate in the realization of the activities and goals set by our Association.

- - In either of these two cases, please send an e-mail explaining the help you wish to offer, as well as your name, country of residence, profession, languages you speak and telephone number, to the following address: -

3 - Collaborating with the physical delivery of material required to carry out the Association's work, such as furniture, accessories, computer and/or communication equipment, airline tickets, etc.

4 - Making cash donations. Note: This option is not available at this time. It will be available when the process of legalization of the Association, currently in process, is completed, which will be published through this portal.

- In these cases, please send an e-mail indicating the name of the person, company or institution, the e-mail address to contact you and the type of donation you wish to make, to the following address: -

Once we receive the e-mail, our Committee will contact you to inform you of the respective procedures.