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The meager results of the recent COP28 indicate that the date is far away for effective actions against Climate Change and its dire consequences to be crystallized.

The Latin American and Caribbean countries, which have felt the most, and feel the climate effects firsthand, cannot continue with their arms crossed, suffering the onslaught of prolonged droughts and major floods, which have significantly affected their economic activities, in addition to the serious social calamities they have caused, eroded the quality of life of the inhabitants, including health, and directly affecting hundreds of thousands of people and causing thousands of fatalities.

We cannot continue down the path of passivity, since what is on the horizon for our countries, and predicted by recognized organizations, are even greater climate disasters, without ruling out the foreseeable appearance of new pandemics such as COVID

None of our countries alone can face the consequences of Climate Change. The only way to do it successfully is with joint action by those nations convinced of the existence of this reality and willing to face it, which goes beyond political and ideological positions in favor of the common good.

This will be possible only if such a degree of awareness is created in the population that it drives their governments in that direction. Achieving this goal is the great challenge that those of us who promote the fight against Climate Change have:

In this order of ideas, our Association has proposed as a short-term objective, to publish a periodical publication that uses its spaces to make known, in a pedagogical and scientific way, knowledge about these topics, as well as, help to the frank and useful discussion in the region of the measures to confront it; also promoting activities and events that promote their dissemination, in addition to reviewing the recent news that is being produced on this topic at a global level.

We have contemplated it in two presentations: one virtual, which uses the power of social networks so that it can be widely accessed at a regional level, and the other physically, in order to deliver it directly to the countries of our continent, to their higher-level academic institutions, research centers, academies, related public institutions and organizations, and to the political sectors that have the obligation to address the claims of their people.

We are aware that it is a very ambitious goal, but just as necessary.

Given that our Association does not depend financially on any government, party or organization, this goal will only be possible to achieve with the collaboration of as many people as possible. That is why we invite you: Well, to join the activities of our association; Or through much-needed donations. To find out how to do this, you can access the "Collaboration and Donations" section of our website