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A group of Venezuelans have decided to start constituting a non-profit Association, as a way of lending our modest collaboration in the search for the resolution of the serious challenges currently facing humanity, such as, among others: climate change, pandemics, wars, massive migrations of human beings, water scarcity, etc.

To this end, and until the legalization procedures of our Association before the competent bodies are completed, which we have been informed are very slow, we, the organizers of the Association, have decided to form an Organizing Committee.

In this search we understand that these challenges cannot be solved by addressing them individually, since they constitute an interrelated system between different factors. Thus, the fight against climate change requires the concerted action of all the governments and peoples of the world, an objective that requires the creation or modification of the current instances of international organization, a process in which Latin Americans and Caribbeans must actively participate.

For this reason, we propose to focus our future activities on three fundamental areas of work that will help to bring together effective resolution actions

These areas are:

* The fight against Climate Change and the present and future pandemics.

* Help in the search for a New International Democratic and Peaceful Order, which allows humanity to successfully face these pressing challenges.

* Achieve the integration of the majority of Latin American and Caribbean countries in a political and economic structure, with the dual purpose of having both a leading role at the global level in solving the aforementioned challenges, and in the construction of a that allows our peoples to achieve progress and a high quality of life.

We invite you to know in the different sections of this site, our position regarding each of these aspects.