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Insufficient performance in the fight against climate change

Statista december 2023

Synopsis: The 2015 Paris Agreement established measures for the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG), in order to maintain the increase in the average global temperature below 2 ° C compared to pre -industrial levels, making efforts to limit said increase to 1.5 ° C.

According to the independent scientific project The Climate Action Tracker, none of the countries analyzed is on the way to achieve this goal. As shown in the graph, only few countries, such as Norway, Costa Rica or Nigeria, have done "almost enough" jobs to achieve this goal. The actions of the countries of the European Union, together with great GHG issuers such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, are qualified as "insufficient."

The fight against malaria is at risk of climate change warned WHO

Aporrea, december 2023

Synopsis: Climate change and its impacts, particularly extreme climate and heat waves, pose "a substantial risk" for the fight against malaria or malaria, warned the World Health Organization (WHO).

Tedros Adhanom ghebreyesus, CEO of WHO, said that "the changing climate raises a substantial risk for progress against malaria, particularly in vulnerable regions", "now more than ever need sustainable and resilient responses to the Malaria, along with urgent actions to stop the rhythm of global warming and reduce its effects. "

In 2022, 249 million cases were recorded in 2022, two million more than in 2021.

Lead contaminated products activate alerts in Ecuador

Prensa Latina, december 2023

Synopsis: The National Agency for Sanitary Regulation, Control and Surveillance (ARCSA), confirmed the existence of more lead -contaminated products that are sold in the supermarkets of Ecuador, including barbecue or barbecue sauces (BBQ) and tomato Babies, in values it is well above what the norm allows.

According to the research director of the Pontifical Catholic University, Hugo Navarrete, when those long -term levels are consumed, and since they continue to accumulate and cannot be expelled, it causes health effects and one of them is the Cancer appearance.

Analysis has been done to local ingredients without detecting lead, so the researcher manages the theory that pollution would be in imported ingredients.

The Mexican coast is flooded with plastics

El País, Jan. 03 2024

Sinopsis: In Mexico, most waste that is not collected, mainly plastics, end up on the coasts. Waste that are dragged to drift from ocean currents until they accumulate on the banks, which return sea later through the waves or that lie losing color tangled to the roots of mangroves, in ecosystems that end up becoming improvised garbage dumps.

A report by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), expresses that the situation of high plastic pollution on the coast has reached critical levels, with the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas and Veracruz at the head .

"It is estimated that every minute the equivalent of two trucks full of plastic garbage are emptied in the ocean," says Nick Leopold, director of oceans without plastic in Oceana.

continues to say "the virgin matter of plastic is oil, which depends on the world price and is always varying, the messages of recycling and circular economy are not enough as long as new containers of that material continue to occur." Leopold says.

They estimate that Argentina's GDP will fall 2 % in 2023 after historical drought

AFP dec 25, 2023

Sinopsis: The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Argentina will contract around 2 % this year due mainly to the impact of the historic drought on agroindustrial production, reports Télam, citing the projection of the Mediterranean Foundation Ideas Laboratory.

Between January and October 2023, as a consequence of drought, there was a year -on -year drop of 23.8 %. In contrast, mining and the hydrocarbon sector experienced growth.

OS Orinoco warns about the organization of a luxury event in Canaima, where noise pollution is prohibited

Aporrea - 01/05/2024

Sinopsis: The NGO SOS Orinoco warned that, allegedly, a party is organized within the facilities of the Canaima National Park, located in the state of Bolívar, established on June 12, 1962 and declared a world heritage site by the United Nations Educational Organization. , Science and Culture (UNESCO), with fragile ecosystems, where noise pollution and high concentrations of people are prohibited, the NGO questioned.

The event is announced on the Techno and Chill company website between January 17 and 22, and is offered in the package "Avatar Party Full Access Ticket" and "Avatar Party Full Access Ticket". CANAIMA closing party", in addition to two nights' stay at the Humboldt Hotel in Caracas, the national flight from Caracas to Canaima, security, transportation and excursions to Canaima.

The US Senate approves a military budget with a record amount of 886 billion dollars

RT dic 14 2023

Sinopsis: The project received 68 votes in favor and 11 against, and consists of about 3,100 pages, contemplating expenditures such as the purchase of ships, ammunition and airplanes, as well as military aid to Ukraine and measures aimed at countering China's influence in the Pacific.

They throw soup to the 'Mona Lisa' in the Louvre of Paris

AFP, jan 28 2024

Synopsis: The published news points to "climatic activists" as guilty of throwing soup about the 'Mona Lisa' painting in the Louvre Museum, demanding the right to "healthy and sustainable eating" and asking "what is more important, the most important, the art or the right to healthy and sustainable eating? "

The protection of the famous and invaluable picture makes it unlikely that it has suffered damage.

Spain: thousands of people overflow compostela against the Xunta for their management in the plastics disaster

El Salto Diario, 01/21/2024

Synopsis: Tens of thousands of people arrived from the entire territory have gathered the streets of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) in a mobilization against the management of the Popular Party Government in the Xunta de Galicia before the environmental disaster of the discharge of millions of microplastics against the Galician coast.

Once again, and following the scheme of previous episodes of marine pollution, it is the citizen groups and the voluntary people who have shown to have a greater environmental sensitivity and sense of responsibility in the preservation and care of marine ecosystems.

sectors opposed to this movement belittled the massive demonstration, and even sought to criminalize the movement pointing to ETA as a promoter.

SOS ORINOCO denounces installation of a "new base of mining operations" in Parima Tapirapecó

Aporrea, 01/22/2024

Synopsis: The NGO SOS ORINOCO denounced the installation of a "new base of operations for mining" in the National Park in Amazonas, Biosphere Reserve Orinoco-Casiquiare, which eight machines have been installed and that indigenous people are used as slaves under the argument that what they do has the endorsement of the Yanomami.

SOS ORINOCO pointed out that this activity is "absolutely" prohibited by the laws and the Bolivarian Constitution of Venezuela.

La minería no solo destruye los suelos y contamina el agua, sino también amenaza la biodiversidad de esta área protegida de importancia internacional.

An island at risk receives an offer of salvation, but at the expense of its sovereignty

RT dec 27, 2023

Sinopsis: The agreement reached last month between the government of the island of Tuvalu and Australia will allow residents of the country to gradually drown, move to Australia, the Washington Post reported.

It is estimated that the country, 16 square kilometers, can become uninhabitable before 40 years due to sea level rise, caused by global warming.

Australia offers visas, about 11 million dollars for the restoration of the coast, as well as the commitment to help Tuvalu in case of natural catastrophe, pandemic or military aggression, last point that is seen as an attempt to block China In the South Pacific. Paradoxically, the agreement does not force Australia, one of the largest fossil fuel exporters in the world, to take more measures against global warming, the main cause of Tuvalu's evils.

NASA reveals that the Arctic absorbs more carbon triple than New York

CNN, dec. 22, 2023

Sinopsis: It is estimated that Arctic's waters absorb up to 180 million tons of carbon per year. This is three times what New York City issues annually, which makes them one of the most critical sinks on Earth.

N R.: Surprise cause to verify that the single city of New York broadcasts 60 million carbon tons per year.

A Norwegian cruise is prevented from navigating after impacting with a giant wave

RT dec 22, 2023

Sinopsis: The Norwegian cruise MS Maud with 266 passengers and 131 crew, was left without energy and prevented to navig Water that caused an electric cut and disconnected navigation systems in the middle of the North Sea.

A gust of wind moves an Aerolíneas Argentinas plane in the middle of a strong storm

RT dic 17 2023

Sinopsis: The strong storm that caused the death of 13 people in Argentina also affected the operation of the Buenos Aires airports of Ezeiza and Aeroparque this Sunday.

An Aerolíneas Argentinas plane was in the middle of the runway, it was displaced several meters from the place where it was parked by a strong gust of wind.

Other planes that were on the runway at the same airport also suffered the effects of the wind, which made them spin with strong gusts.

Abrupt and terrifying landing of a plane at London airport

BBC dic. 28 2023

Sinopsis: The pilots of an American Airlines flight managed to maneuver to land without problems this Wednesday at London's Heathrow airport, despite the strong winds of Storm Gerrit, which put the United Kingdom authorities on alert.

A video shared by aviation fans Big Jet TV managed to capture the distressing moments when the aircraft rocks sharply before touching the runway.

Elsewhere in the UK, Storm Gerrit has caused flooding and disrupted rail traffic, according to BBC Weather

Due to "strange" turbulence, 11 passengers on a flight end up in the hospital while returning from a Christmas cruise

CNN dic. 26 2023

Sinopsis: Due to "strange" and severe turbulence in clear air, impossible to predict, 11 passengers of a Barbados London flight, which had to divert its course to LF Wade airport in Bermuda and make an emergency landing, end up in the hospital while returning from a Christmas cruise of the P&O company.

The 225 passengers had to stay three days in Bermuda.

CSIC discover that the carbon of the soil of the cold areas of the planet (permafost) is stored in the fraction most vulnerable to climate change

CSIC/DICYT , jan. 04 2024

Synopsis: On the ground there is more carbon than in the atmosphere. A study led by the CSIC and published in the journal Nature Geoscience, indicates that it is accumulated mainly in the organic fraction (mainly formed by without decomposing plant remains), which is the most vulnerable to global warming, and not in the fraction associated with minerals, which is more resistant to deteriorate due to its action.

The fact is that the cold areas of the planet accumulate a third of the organic carbon of the soil and that they are warming at a speed between two and four times higher than the average.

"Our results illustrate an already dramatic situation. If this carbon is released to the CO2 -shaped atmosphere, the concentration of this greenhouse gas will increase, amplifying the climate change caused by fossil fuel emissions," explains Pablo García-Palacios, researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences (ICA-CSIC) and main author of the article.

Bloomberg reveals "viable" plans to save the Panama Canal in the midst of drought

RT jan.3 2024

Synopsis: According to the agency, the water level of the Panama Canal is 1.8 meters below normal, and the number of ships that can cross there is limited.

In the midst of an unprecedented drought and a decrease in the depth of the Panama Canal (1.8 meters below normal), the administration of that infrastructure is considering several options to deal with the effects of the disaster, Including the creation of an artificial lake to pump water to the channel and "cloud planting" to increase rainfall, Bloomberg reports, noting that "both options would take years to apply, if they are viable."

Due to the drought, the authorities had to limit the number of ships that can cross 38 to 24 ships a day. Normally, the Panama Canal managed 3 % of world maritime trade and 46 % of the containers that went from the northeast of Asia to the east coast of the USA.

Large -scale intensive agriculture is a threat to arid areas

El Mundo, jan. 5 2024

Synopsis: A study published in the magazine Water Resources Management and led by the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) of Spain, has analyzed the social, economic and environmental consequences of greenhouse agriculture in arid areas, which is giving rise to the exhaustion of Underground water resources, their qualitative degradation (by marine contamination and intrusion), the loss of biodiversity, microplastic pollution and the increase in carbon emissions.

Arid areas have a series of characteristics (soft winters, many hours of sun, groundwater) that have turned many of these areas into places of prosperity, to the point of acquiring the name of "economic miracle", which can be reversed, catastrophically, with an over exploitation and lack of planning.

The Brazilian army continues the deployment of armored vehicles on the border with Venezuela and Guyana

Credit: Brazilian Army

Aporrea 01/19/2024

Sinopsis: With the aim of increasing its presence on the border with Venezuela and Guyana, the Brazilian army continues with the strategic deployment in the north of that country of a squad belonging to the 4th mechanized cavalry brigade, with a seat in Boa Vista (Roraima), which includes armored vehicles 4 × 4 Iveco LMV-BR "Guaicurus", as well as armored exploration vehicles 6 × 6 EE-09 Cascavel.

It should be noted that this deployment occurs by virtue of the current geopolitical situation on the northern border, which have as its protagonists Venezuela and Guyana for the control of the Esequibo, a region that is in dispute by both countries.

Groenlandia loses 20 % more ice than estimated since 1985

RT Jan. 19 2024

Sinopsis: In the last four decades, Greenland's ice layer has lost about 1,034 gigatons of ice metric over the 4,890 gigatons originally estimated, about 20 % more, determined in a report the NASA Chair propulsion laboratory.

According to the study, the icebergs are falling to the ocean at an accelerated pace, and almost all Greenland glaciers have thinned or retreated between 1985 and 2022. Of the 207 glaciers analyzed, 179 receded significantly between 1985.

Although this loss of mass has almost no impact on the global level of the sea, it is sufficient to affect the oceanic circulation, the distribution of thermal energy and a significant influx of fresh water that could influence climatic patterns in The entire planet, as well as affect ecosystems.

The controversial decision of Norway, the first country in the world to approve mining on the seabed

BBC Mundo January 10 2024

Sinopsis: Norway became the first country in the world to authorize the controversial practice of deep-sea mining on a commercial scale, with the aim of accelerating the search for minerals such as lithium, scandium and cobalt, essential for clean technologies, including batteries. which could generate significant noise and light pollution, as well as damage to the habitat of the organisms that depend on the nodules, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

In November, in an unusual move, 120 EU lawmakers wrote an open letter asking the Norwegian parliament to reject the project due to the "risk of such activity for marine biodiversity and the acceleration of climate change."

Martin Webeler, an ocean activist and researcher at the Environmental Justice Foundation, said the announcement is "catastrophic" for ocean habitat. "It's hypocrisy while dismissing all scientific advice."

What are "climate bets" used on Wall Street to protect investments or make money from extreme events?

BBC, november 2023

Sinopsis: As natural disasters and extreme weather events have increased in recent years, firms are looking for ways to protect their revenues in anticipation of what may happen in the future. Weather derivatives are financial products based on weather projections and how they can affect a business. If a company sells gas, it will depend on the intensity of the winter to increase or decrease its profits.

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the trading volume of this type of financial products has quadrupled in one year. The contracts are for a fixed term, following meteorological projections or climate indices. When the stipulated period is met there will be winners and losers depending on the way time evolved and how it affected certain industries. The indices can measure the millimeters of rainfall or the accumulated temperature in a place or in a basket of places.