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We find ourselves in times of a global paradox, where human beings live in times of great scientific advances that promise a better quality of life, but at the same time, they are the main predator and enemy of the environment, to the point that with their irrational actions, motivated mainly by an excessive ambition for wealth and power, they are causing a sustained and progressive increase in global temperature, which directly impacts ALL living beings and threatens the very existence of life on the planet.

Actions such as the excessive use of fossil fuels, the systematic destruction of forests, the uncontrolled and unplanned growth of agriculture, as well as the development of highly polluting industries, are causing an indiscriminate increase in greenhouse gases (CO2, carbon dioxide, among them), and consequently an increase in the earth's temperature (global warming), which accelerates the melting of the poles, causing an increase in the water masses of the earth's oceans (global warming), carbon dioxide, among them), and consequently an increase in the earth's temperature (global warming), which accelerates the melting of the poles, causing the increase of the water masses of the seas, thus threatening the disappearance of civilization from the coasts of the globe; In addition, it is causing, with greater frequency and intensity, meteorological phenomena such as: intense rains, droughts, floods, very high environmental temperatures, landslides, forest fires, etc. ,

This increase in sea temperature has caused the gradual disappearance of algae species, thus depriving our planet of the formidable mechanism of its capacity to absorb and store excess carbon dioxide and enhancing the greenhouse effect, which causes heat to increase and more algae species to disappear, thus generating an infernal feedback process that destroys the food chain of marine species.

Similarly on earth, the ever-increasing climatic changes in the seasons and the increase in large droughts and floods alter the reproductive cycles of plants, directly affecting the life of all fauna, in addition to destabilizing the productive processes of agricultural and livestock economies and their subsequent production chains, and therefore of the global economy, considerably threatening the quality of life of the planet's inhabitants, with the poorest populations suffering the most severely from these calamities.

Particular cases are those we are experiencing in the Latin American region, with the prolonged and intense droughts in the countries of the Southern Cone and the increasing and continuous rainfall in the Andean countries and Central America.

Due to the extremely serious magnitude of the facts described above, the impending disaster and the innocuousness of the actions taken by regional and international organizations with competence to face them, a group of Venezuelan patriots, deeply concerned and aware, decided to form a non-profit civil association, called "Association for sovereignty, integration and environment, APROSIMA", whose general purpose is to contribute in the fight against "Global Warming". To achieve this we have proposed to comply with three (3) areas of action, which are:

1) To carry out an exhaustive investigation of the causes and effects of climate change, both through our own field work and through institutions: universities and organizations that converge with ours towards the same end. Being the main objective to sensitize and incorporate young people.

2) Massively disseminate information on climate change to all possible strata of our country, both academic, political and social, through seminars, presentations, publications, content in social networks, etc.

3) Initially, our scope of work will be concentrated mainly in our country, but the idea is that the results of our research efforts will be made known and shared by the Latin American and Caribbean community. To this end, we will seek to interact at the regional level with Universities, Research Centers, Institutions, Governments and Civil Associations of other Latin American countries, in order to carry out joint activities, such as publications with continental scope, contests to award research works, regional forums, etc.