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W hen we decided to establish our NGO, we did so based on the following facts:

1 -The existence and accelerated evolution of Climate Change at a global level.

2 - That the only way to face it successfully is with the joint action of all nations, with the UN being the ideal organization that should coordinate and direct it.

3 - That our Latin American and Caribbean region is the one that has suffered the most, and will continue to suffer increasingly, the terrible consequences of Climate Change.

What has happened to date has shown that both the UN is not up to these challenges, as was seen in the recent COP28 meeting, and that our Latin American and Caribbean people are at the mercy of the terrible effects of Climate Change.

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We find ourselves in times of a global paradox, where human beings live in times of great scientific advances that predict a better quality of life, but at the same time, they are the main predator and enemy of the environment, to the point that with their irrational actions , motivated mainly by an excessive ambition for wealth and power, is causing a sustained and progressive increase in global temperature, which directly impacts ALL living beings and threatens the very existence of life on the planet.

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We promote the fight against Climate Change

With Climate Change, all of humanity faces an extremely serious danger, which even threatens its very existence.

Many scientists and experts from all latitudes have written and spoken on the subject, and it has been the central object of important global events held for its study. That is to say, this problem and the way to deal with it successfully are very well known.

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We advocate for a new Democratic International order

Human beings are facing challenges that have never been presented to us in history, and that threaten life itself on the planet, the most serious being the following:

* Climate change with its terrifying prospects;

* Pandemics such as the one experienced with COVID 19 and of which repetitions are predicted that may be even more severe;

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In search of the union of the countries of the Latin American and Caribbean area

The COVID19 pandemic, the effects of Climate Change and the current wars in Ukraine and Palestine have caused many countries to raise the need to create a New International Order, which is capable of effectively facing this type of situations, which would have to be add very serious challenges such as: desertification, water scarcity, large migrations, new pandemics and wars, etc.

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